Here at Dark Arts Table Tennis, we retail a range of equipment, NOT just pips out! but also defensive, all round and attacking reverse (normal) style rubbers & a wide range of blades.

Why Buy from us?

this is where we are unique, how many times have you ordered equipment based on what the description states to then realise thats not the case and you have wasted your hard earned money!! NO MORE!!!

At Dark Arts Table Tennis, we don’t sell online, you TEST BEFORE YOU BUY!

How does it work?

Simple get in contact with us, we will book you in for a FREE bat testing session at a local Dark Arts affiliated centre or come visit our shop directly.

What Can i expect from a bat testing session?

A certified Dark Arts Equipment Specialist will go over the range of products we sell, recommend products based on your playing style, after you have found your ideal bat its just a case of ordering, we will order your equipment direct from the manufacturer, so you end up with a fresh off the production line bat rather than equipment that has been kept in storage for a period of time.

Everything we sell is of the highest quality, along with our unbeatable customer service and bat testing sessions, Get in touch with us and find out what we can do for your game!

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