Dark Arts Table Tennis Equipment Specialists

What is a Dark Arts Equipment Specialist?

Dark Arts Equipment specialists are specifically trained individuals who are
authorised by Dark Arts Table Tennis to officially give table tennis equipment
advice, and even authorised to retail our products!
Every Dark Arts Affiliated Centre will have at least one equipment specialist
instructor (see training charts below)

Why do Dark Arts have equipment specialists?

We have Equipment Specialists to ensure that our students are using / purchasing the correct
equipment, and receiving the correct equipment advice from a trained individual.
As we have all found out in table tennis everyone has an “opinion” on equipment and more often
than not likes to share these “opinions” as advice! is this advice correct? or is this advice going to
end up by wasting your money and ruining your game? Speak to an equipment specialist see what
knowledge they have!

How Do I Become A Dark Arts Equipment Specialist?

All you need to do is speak with dark Arts HQ or your Dark Arts Affiliated Centre! We have 4 different
training programs for you to attend to learn about table tennis equipment, followed by an exam! for
each section you wish to specialise in.
We have four different sections for you to specialise in:
• Reversed Rubber
• Pimpled Out Rubber
• Anti-loop Rubber
• Blades
Upon completion of the course and passing the exam, your Equipment specialist instructor will
certify you!
Dark Arts Equipment Specialists Will Receive HEAVILY DISCOUNTED PRODUCTS !!!!
from Dark Arts Table Tennis,
You will Also Be authorised as a freelance dark arts sales personnel meaning you can
retail all our products and make some money with every sale!

Equipment Specialist
Authorised to give equipment advice,
Authorised to sell dark Arts products as a
freelance sales personnel,
Receives Heavily Discounted products
from Dark Arts Table Tennis!

Equipment Specialist Instructor
Authorised to teach & certify dark Arts
Equipment Specialists, Authorised to
Manage a Dark Arts Affiliated Center,
Receives Trade Price Products from
dark Arts Table tennis, Authorised

Equipment Specialist Instructor Trainer
Authorised to teach & certify Dark Arts
Equipment Specialist Instructors!
Authorised member of Dark Arts Training Committee!
Must Appointed by Dark Arts HQ for this