Become a Dark Arts
Affiliated centre

At Dark Arts we understand you want to make your table tennis centre the best it can possibly be, we are here to help! along with many other advantages listed below we can also help to improve your clubs turnover and profits, see below!

Becoming a Dark Arts Affiliated Centre has MANY benefits! what are they?

FREE ADVERTISEMENT, as a dark arts affiliated centre you will be advertised and promoted actively on our website and Facebook page, you will also have the authority to make your own posts on our Facebook page and advertise events at your centre FREE of charge!

RETAIL EQUIPMENT, as an affiliated centre we will put you through our equipment specialist courses FOR FREE! this means you can start retailing equipment to your own students and making money!

TEACH EQUIPMENT SPECIALISTS, along with teaching you the equipment specialist courses we will also teach you the equipment specialist instructor trainer course FOR FREE so you can teach your own line of equipment specialists, see our equipment specialists page for more details (link)

TEST CENTRE, We will advertise you as a test bat centre so customers can book a bat testing session at your centre, this is a great way of promoting your centre, and making equipment sales.

NETWORK, Become part of our network, promote your students, and your coaching styles!


Becoming an Affiliated Centre is FREE! all the training and promotional materials we provide are FREE! the only cost to you is purchasing a series of bats to allow clients to test, however you will soon make this cost back if you actively sell equipment!

Dark Arts Head Quarters will take 15% of your Monthly Profits from DARK ARTS (only) related sales and coaching for there services and training provided to you, as part of our contract with you.