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Welcome to Dark Arts Table Tennis, the pips out specialists, we specialise in offering training for long pips, short pips, medium pips & Anti-loop, not only for playing these styles but also playing against them!

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We are also a dedicated network of table tennis coaches & table tennis equipment specialists, we create Dark Arts affiliated centres across the UK, to see the benefits of becoming an affiliated centre click on the “become an affiliated centre” link. 

Dark Arts also RETAILS table tennis equipment, offers equipment reviews and equipment ADVICE, Click on the “Equipment” or “Reviews” links to learn more.

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Its Only fitting that Dr Neubauer is our Official Partner on equipment, since 2003 Dr Neubauer has launched over 33 Unique anti-loop & Pips out rubbers, along side 6 exceptional quality reversed rubbers & more than 17 tailor made blades with specific playing characteristics, all the products by Dr Neubauer are rigorously tested by experts, Dr Neubauer produces exceptional quality products that Dark Arts are proud to provide to our customers.